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10-02-2013   The Right Prescription - HONG KONG Trader International Edition
02-20-2012   Access Pharmaceuticals receives final marketing approval from SFDA of China for Mugard
12-12-2011   Rhei Pharmaceuticals receives letter of acceptance for Tixozin from SFDA of China
06-17-2011   Access Pharmaceuticals receives letter of acceptance for MuGard from SFDA of China
04-15-2011   Rhei Pharmaceuticals HK Ltd. and Oystershell NV sign Tixozin Agreement for China
09-20-2010   Access Pharmaceuticals, Inc. sings $30M mugard supply agreement with Rhei Pharmaceuticals HK LTD.
07-15-2010   Skinvisible Signs DermSafe Agreement for Europe and China - RHEI Pharmaceuticals Adds Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer to Its Product Line
07-12-2010   Skinvisible Licenses Invisicare Products for US, China and Europe - Rhei Pharmaceuticals Receives Exclusivity for Three Skincare Formulations
02-4-2009   Skinvisible Signs Dermatology Agreement with RHEI Pharmaceuticals
12-5-2008   RHEI Pharmaceuticals announces the initiation of the final clinical study for approval of Tibozole in China
11-20-2008   RHEI Pharmaceuticals Elects Mrs. Zheng Hong to Board of Directors
08-25-2008   RHEI Pharmaceuticals Appoints Dr. Geert Cauwenbergh as Chief Executive Officer
02-21-2008   RHEI Pharmaceuticals and Drs. Hans Schreuder Products Enter into Licensing Agreement Surrounding Line of Natural Skin Care Products
02-19-2008   RHEI Pharmaceuticals Licenses Attental from MethaPharma (Vemedia Group) for Distribution Throughout Asia
01-14-2008   Access Licenses MuGard™ to RHEI Pharmaceuticals, a Leading Specialty Pharmaceutical Company for Distribution in China and Certain Other Southeast Asian Countries
10-02-2006   A.P. Pharma Licenses APF530 to RHEI Pharmaceuticals for Development in Greater China
05-04-2006   RHEI Pharmaceuticals Licenses Flamel’s Asacard® (Controlled-Release Aspirin) for China and Taiwan
05-01-2006   RHEI Pharmaceuticals Appoints Scott Kozak Vice President of Commercial Operations