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- RHEI to Market and Distribute Drs. Hans Schreuder Vision for Health Skin Care Line Throughout Asia -

NEW HAVEN, Conn., and THE NETHERLANDS, February 21, 2008 - - RHEI Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a fully integrated specialty pharmaceuticals company focused on bringing proprietary medicines to the China market, and Drs. Hans Schreuder Products BV today announced that RHEI has licensed from Drs. Hans Schreuder Products the exclusive right to market and distribute the Drs. Hans Schreuder Vision for Health Skin Care line throughout Asia.  The natural skin care line will be marketed through RHEI’s  Pharmacy Division which focuses on consumer healthcare and neutraceuticals.

“Drs Hans Schreuder natural skin care products are well known in Europe and RHEI, through its Pharmacy Division, seeks to firmly establish the brand in Asia,” said Joos Horsten, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of RHEI.  “The Company’s flagship scar treatment product, in particular, will benefit from RHEI’s expertise marketing to medical professionals such as dermatologists and plastic surgery clinics. We are pleased to include this line of products within our Pharmacy Division and we look forward to building market awareness and acceptance through a strategy that includes outreach to medical professionals, as well as retail outlets such as pharmacies and spas.”

Drs. Hans Schreuder Vision for Health Skin Care line includes seven products that give the skin the very best natural and healthy nutrition.  The products contain skin-inherent substances like natural vitamin E and nutritional ingredients from nature itself, such as oatmeal, yeast and hamamelis extracts, soya, rice, natural vitamins and natural lactic acid. These ingredients can solve problems and restore the skin's natural balance. The product line includes a scar treatment cream, smoothing morning and night creams to prevent signs of aging, a facial cleansing lotion and a refreshing cream for legs. This complete range of products is just the beginning of a new kind of skin care, making use of homeopathic and phytotherapeutic principles to stimulate the skin's natural action.

“Professional skin care is one of the fastest-growing segments within the cosmetics and toiletries industry in China.  With an increase in Chinese living standards, people are seeking more specialized products and appreciate a holistic approach to healthcare,” said Dr. Hans Schreuder, President and Founder of Drs Hans Schreuder Products BV.  “Our Vision for Health Skin Care line is a natural way to nourish the skin.  RHEI has the experience and expertise to bring this novel line of skin care products to Asia where there is a growing desire for naturally-derived products.”

About Drs. Hans Schreuder Products BV
Drs. Hans Schreuder Products BV is a successful private company that specializes in the development and marketing of natural problem-solving skin care products and other health-related products. Dr Hans Schreuder, an all-round and versatile organic chemist, is responsible for product development at Schreuder Research BV.  Irene Schreuder-Tjoa is in charge of management and marketing. The head office (R&D, Marketing and Sales) is located in Vreeland, the Netherlands. At the end of 2004, Drs. Hans Schreuder Products BV launched a newly developed product range under the name 'Drs. Hans Schreuder, Vision for Health', natural nutrition for the skin.

About RHEI Pharmaceuticals
RHEI Pharmaceuticals is a venture backed specialty pharmaceutical company with operations in Belgium, the U.S. and in China that acquires, licenses, develops and commercializes in China proprietary drug therapies based upon the unmet needs of the emerging China pharmaceuticals market. RHEI leverages its proprietary and extensive network of experienced clinical development and regulatory professionals in China to expedite approvals for pharmaceuticals new to the China market. RHEI’s growing sales and marketing capabilities then provide broad patient access in China to these new and critically necessary therapeutics. RHEI applies its unique offering to branded pharmaceuticals, through its Ethical Division, and to consumer healthcare and OTC/natural supplement products through its Pharmacy Division.