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Chair of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Association’s Guidance will Assist in Advancing RHEI’s Leadership Position in Bringing Western Drugs to the Rapidly Growing Chinese Pharmaceutical Market

PLAINSBORO, NJ, November 20, 2008 -- RHEI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced that Mrs. Zheng Hong, Chair of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Association, has accepted a position as independent Director on its Board of Directors, which will now number five. Her appointment becomes effective January 1, 2009.

“Mrs. Zheng will undoubtedly have a major impact on the continued development of RHEI in the rapidly growing Chinese pharmaceutical market,” said Dr. Geert Cauwenbergh, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of RHEI Pharmaceuticals. “We are grateful that she has accepted this responsibility. Thanks to people with her outstanding capabilities, the entry of western drugs in China will be accelerated, providing the most modern medical treatments to the vast Chinese patient population, and offering many western companies improved access to the rapidly growing Chinese pharmaceutical market.”

Mrs. Zheng has an impressive track record of successes. In addition to her current position as the Chair of the Pharmaceutical Association, Mrs. Zheng also was the Chairwoman of the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation from October 2000 to August 2007. Under her leadership, the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation grew into a modernized, integrated pharmaceutical company which ranked number one among all China pharmaceutical companies and was among the top 500 enterprises in China. Prior, Mrs. Zheng was the Chair of the Xian-Janssen joint-venture, which during her tenure was elected multiple times to the position as best joint-venture in China. At both the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation and Xian-Janseen, Mrs. Zheng oversaw significant sales and profit growth. Previously, Mrs. Zheng was General Manager of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group Corporation and began her pharmaceutical career at the Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Administration Bureau.

With more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Mrs. Zheng has been integral in the development of China’s pharmaceutical industry. She is experienced in all facets of the industry including distribution, manufacturing, development and marketing. Her expertise goes beyond China and she is well versed on international economic trends and regulations including experience in strategic planning for multi-national enterprises. She holds an engineering degree in mechanics from Beijing University of Technology.

In accepting her Director’s role, Mrs. Zheng commented, “Thanks to its step-wise business approach and with its arduous efforts, RHEI Pharmaceuticals is well placed to become a major player in the Chinese market for novel western drugs. The Chinese market is poised to become the largest pharmaceutical market in the world in the next 20 years. RHEI’s early commitment and investment in China will position the Company for a key role in the future of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.”

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RHEI Pharmaceuticals is a venture backed specialty pharmaceutical company with operations in Belgium, the U.S. and in China that acquires, licenses, develops and commercializes in China proprietary drug therapies based upon the unmet needs of the emerging China pharmaceuticals market. The Company leverages its proprietary and extensive network of experienced clinical development and regulatory professionals in China to expedite approvals for pharmaceuticals new to the China market. RHEI’s growing sales and marketing capabilities then provide broad patient access in China to these new and critically necessary therapeutics. RHEI applies its unique offering to branded pharmaceuticals, through its Ethical Division, and to consumer healthcare and OTC/natural supplement products through its Pharmacy Division. Additional information can be found at